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Keep your trees in the best shape with our tree maintenance services in Somerville. Our certified arborists and specialists provide all-around tree services to your trees to keep them beautiful and healthy throughout the year.

All you have to do is book an appointment with our experts, and we will come over periodically and as needed to take care of your trees. With proper maintenance, you can protect your property and the safety of your family, pets, and neighbors. 

Tree Limb Removal Services

Work with Somerville Tree Services Pros to remove dead and unneeded limbs from your tree. We offer expert and periodic trimming and pruning services customized to meet the needs of your tree and species. With our tree-cutting services, we ensure that you’re left with healthy, strong, and long-lasting trees. 

Cabling and Bracing Services

  • Our experts also provide you with cabling and bracing tree services for tree maintenance. When your tree has a poor branch system or widespread decay causes it to build poor limb structures, you need to set up a branch support system. That is where Somerville Tree Service pros come in. 

    With cabling and bracing, you can extend the life of your tree, even if it’s structurally weak. If you have a tree that appears weak or is decaying on your property, you can contact us for an evaluation. Before providing our tree services, we will carry out an inspection and provide you with the needed services.

Land Clearing Services 

Our tree maintenance services also include land clearing services, and not many tree removal companies in Somerville can handle this as our experts can. Somerville Tree Service Pros works with a team of experienced and knowledgeable experts and state-of-the-art equipment used in clearing small or large lots and tracts of land efficiently.

With our series of commercial tree removal equipment, we easily handle your land-clearing projects. Somerville Tree Service Pros can handle large-scale land-clearing services to complete your jobs. Whenever you need to clear a lot, road, or driveway on your property, we’ve got you covered.

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Whenever you need to take extra care of your trees, work with Somerville Tree Service Pros. Our experts provide you with full tree maintenance services, regardless of the type and style of your trees. Keep them beautiful and healthy with our services.