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Expert Tree Pruning and Tree Trimming Solutions in Somerville

Somerville Tree Service Pros provides top-notch tree trimming and tree pruning services to homes, businesses, and parks in Somerville. With these services, we keep your trees healthy, safe, and at the right height. 

Our experts make use of the right trimming and pruning equipment, and you don’t have to worry about the consequences of incorrect trimming. Contact the professional tree care specialists at Somerville Tree Service Pros for your tree pruning and tree trimming services.

Tree Pruning Services in Somerville

Our expert tree specialists and arborists provide professional tree pruning services to prevent the consequences of an overgrown tree. Aside from being unattractive, an overgrown tree poses different harmful impacts, especially during a storm. We carry out a thorough tree inspection before pruning your trees.

Our pruning services involve corrective pruning, which promotes healthy tree growth in the right shape. When we prune your trees, we ensure that sunlight can reach the branches and prevent insect infestations. Hire a professional arborist from Somerville Tree Service Pros. 

Crown Density Reduction is one of the pruning techniques our experts use. This gets rid of any overgrowth that is blocking out sunlight. After the tree inspection, we will let you know whether you only need corrective pruning or if you also need crown density reduction.

Tree Trimming Services You Can Trust

Somerville Tree Service Pros has expert tree specialists and arborists that are skilled at tree trimming. With state-of-the-art trimming equipment and tried-and-trusted methods, we offer dependable trimming services to your property.

After our tree inspection, we can inform you of the kind of trimming services you need. You might require our dead wooding services, which involve trimming dead wood off a tree. Without this, the rotting branches can infect the rest of the tree. Also, dead wood is weak, so it might break off during a storm. Our trimming services help you prevent this.

We also provide shrub trimming when needed to enhance the attractive appearance of your curbside and improve the health of your plants. Avoid the issues of an untamed, overgrown shrub on your property!

Differences Between Trimming and Pruning

Some of our clients at Somerville Tree Service Pros are confused about how our tree trimming services differ from tree pruning.

Pruning is focused on keeping the flowers and fruit plants of the trees healthy by promoting healthy growth, while trimming focuses on preventing overgrowth and enhancing the aesthetics of a tree. While they appear similar, they are performed at different times of the year.

Our experts understand the required methods, equipment, and seasons to prune and trim your trees, offering you only the best results. 

When You Need Our Pruning and Trimming Services

If you notice any of these, you should contact our experts at Somerville Tree Services Pros for tree pruning and tree trimming services.

  • Dead branches on your tree.
  • Too many pests on the trunk, branches, or bark.
  • An unattractive landscape. 
  • Unproductive trees, i.e., the tree is not bearing fruits.

Here are some benefits of our tree pruning and trimming services:

  • Expose your garden and windows to more sunlight.
  • Reduce the tree height.
  • Prevent branches from breaking during a storm.
  • Enhance the visual appeal of your garden.
  • Give room for new growth.
  • Extend the tree’s life.

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If you need any of the services mentioned above, contact Somerville Tree Service Pros for a quote! We provide you with affordable rates with no hidden costs and quality services. Book an appointment today.